First District Components




First Episcopal District Organized Lay





Sis. Cheryl Hammond Hopewell; President

Donna-Lee Chandler-Smith - First Vice President

Wanda Duckett - Second Vice President

Robin Batson – Third Vice President

Sharon Drew - Recording Secretary

Dorothy Chandler - Assistant Recording Secretary

Lanan Bascome - Corresponding Secretary

Cheryl L. Ford - Treasurer

Emma Lee - Financial Secretary

Terri Fisher - Chaplain

Cynthia King - Historiographer

Josephine Fulcher-Anderson - Director of Lay Activities

LeSean Shelton - Director of Public Relations

Marcus Burnett - Young Adult Representative

Vacant - Parliamentarian

Mrs. Mary L. Mootoo - President Emeritus

Ms. F. Jane Chandler Harris - President Emeritus


The First Episcopal District Lay Organization was organized in 1952 with Mr. John Shack of the New Jersey Conference serving as the first president.

History was made in 2000 when the First District elected Mrs. F. Jane Harris as president. She is the first female ever elected to serve the district in this capacity. She is moving the district to a higher level of service with excellence. Under Mrs. Harris tenure the District has contributed tremendously to the Debt Reduction Program of our Headquarters building that is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We have also assisted with the Morris Brown College Crisis. Many thousands of dollars have been given to our youth as a result of the Annual Scholarship Luncheon.

In July of 2008, during the Annual Meeting of the First Episcopal District, Mrs. Mary Mootoo of the New York Conference was elected President of the district. President is working diligently to lead the district to higher heights.

We are very proud of Mr. Frank Gilyard, Sr. who was elected Historiographer of the Connectional Lay Organization during the 28th Biennial Session that was held in Jacksonville, Florida in July 2001. This was a historical election in that it was the first time that hand held voting equipment was used for an election of the Lay Organization.

Other connectional representatives are: Mr. David Ward, CLEDC and Brenda Lazier, First District representative to CLEDC. Mr. Ward was the First District Layperson of the Year.

Other known First District Members who have served as Connectional Officers are:

Timothy Johnson - Chaplain

Harriet Truman - Treasurer and Financial Secretary

Ethel Wallace Jenkins - Lay Director & First Vice President - Connectional Lay Organization

Ms. F. Jane Harris - Third Vice President - Connectional Lay Organization

Mrs. Edith Bartley Cartledge - Director of Lay Activities

Walter C. Jeffers - Director of Public Relations



Conference Presidents

Bermuda - W. Anthoni Lightbourne

Delaware - Dr. Martin A. Drew

New England - Linda Gant

New Jersey - Jeronia McClish

New York - Bonita O'Neal

Philadelphia - Walter C. Jeffers

Western New York - Caroline Hoffman-Veasey

And the history continues today and everyday!!!!!!